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If you are using all or part of this resource please ensure that you attribute the material to the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc.

About this book

Most people in intimate relationships disagree about things from time to time and this is normal. In a healthy relationship both parties treat each other as equals, both parties should be able to put forward their different points of view or concerns and feel comfortable discussing them together. In a relationship where domestic and family violence is present, it is very different as one person in the relationship uses abuse and/or violence to control the other person through fear.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, getting the right support to be safe is important. At the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre we recognise the challenges and barriers those who experience domestic and family violence may face. The service is free and confidential and provides support, information and referral.

Violence against women and children is never acceptable and cannot be excused for any reason. Women and children who experience it are not to blame for another’s violent behaviour.

The Purple Book contains general information that may assist you to make some decisions about your situation, however we recommend that you seek assistance and support. A list of useful numbers and websites is included at the back of the book.

We acknowledge the Queensland Government who provided the funding for the development and printing of the book.

We hope you find this resource informative and useful.