Adolescent Violence in the Home

Adolescent Violence in the Home

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About this book

Adolescent violence to parents/carers is a serious issue. Anecdotal evidence suggests it is increasing. Adolescent violence can be perpetrated against mothers, fathers, siblings and carers by daughters and sons. There are many reasons why it occurs. These include children witnessing or experiencing family violence and repeating their fathers’ abusive and violent behaviours toward their mothers, parenting styles, adolescents’ reactions to traumatic events or conflict, adolescent mental health or drug and alcohol issues and other contributing factors. Sometimes there is no apparent reason why it happens.

This booklet provides a resource for parents/carers who experience violence from their adolescents. It helps parents/carers identify violent behaviours, suggests strategies for dealing with adolescents and provides a contact list of services and agencies that can help parents/carers deal with the traumatic situation they find themselves and their families experiencing. We hope it will help to increase the safety and wellbeing of parents and carers, and provide strategies to support them to parent their adolescents in ways that promote caring, responsibility and non-violence.

The ‘It All Starts at Home’ project has been funded by the Australian Government’s Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault Initiative through the Office for Women.

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