Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Everyone is safe to live with justice, freedom and hope in their family, community and country.


Mission Statement

Advocate relentlessly to achieve change.

Collaborate to improve safety and to build and share our specialist experience and knowledge.

Innovate by listening to those most impacted by domestic and family violence, and by working with them to explore the options to create radical and positive changes.


Our values will guide us in this purpose every day:


  • We centre the safety of women and their children in all our decisions.
  • We appreciate the diverse experiences of women and their children and recognise that this shapes their experience of violence.
  • We listen and learn from them – they teach us how to do this work.


  • We respect women’s rights to make their own decisions and choices for themselves and their children.
  • We have brave, honest and respectful conversations with people.
  • We talk to people, not about them.
  • We clearly communicate what we can offer and what we expect of each other.


  • We consistently and fairly prioritise and allocate resources by considering immediate needs with long term sustainability.
  • We share the work fairly to deliver effective responses and to create systemic change.
  • We actively seek out diverse voices to help us identify and remove barriers to accessing our services.


  • We have documented frameworks that guide our decisions and responses, and we take responsibility for our choices and actions.
  • We are committed to continually improving our services to ensure they are relevant, specialised, consistent, ethical, practice-led and evidence-informed, while adapting to a challenging and ever-changing environment.
  • We evaluate our programs to ensure they contribute to the safety of women and their children and add to the body of knowledge about this work.
  • We can demonstrate that we manage our resources effectively, efficiently and responsibly.
  • We coordinate community responses that centre the safety of women and their children by making the impact of their experience of DFV visible.
  • We work with our partners to hold those who commit domestic and family violence responsible for their actions.