Planning for your safety

If you have decided to leave or have already done so, it is important that you have a safety plan to assist you and your children to be and stay safe. It may be helpful to think about and develop a safety plan prior to leaving, so you will know what to do if you are in a situation in the future where you and or your children are at risk of abuse or violence.

If you have left it is always important to review your safety plan and ensure that it is still relevant to you and your circumstances.

For your safety plan to work it is vital you don’t let your partner see the plan, but it is a good idea to talk about it with someone you trust that is close to you.

Your partner may have a sense that something has changed, or may be about to change. It is important that you attempt to keep to your usual routines and activities.

It is important to understand that whilst you can take steps to avoid violence, you cannot stop the violence. The only person who can do that is the person who is violent.

For children and young people

Download Safety planning: staying safe (PDF 220kb)