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Domestic Violence Integrated Response

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

How we work together

Terms of Reference

Awards and Recognition

The Gold Coast Domestic Violence Integrated Response (GCDVIR) is a community-based multi-agency response to domestic violence. The GCDVIR was established in 1996 to improve responses to domestic violence following high rates of domestic violence and domestic homicides occurring on the Gold Coast.

Under the GCDVIR, agencies work together to provide co-ordinated, appropriate and consistent responses to women and children affected by domestic and family violence and to men who perpetrate domestic violence. The GCDVIR operates within a justice reform model. Drawing on international expertise in developing the model (including visits from personnel from Hamilton in New Zealand and from the United States) the GCDVIR continues to evolve and develop.

Gold Coast domestic violence integrated response
Our vision, mission and core values
OUR VISION: A community where people support and respect each other and abuse and violence are not tolerated.
OUR MISSION: To integrate system and community responses to eliminate abuse, domestic and family violence and prevent harm.
OUR CORE VALUES: Leadership, Communication, Trust, Respect, Integrity, Equality, Innovation

How we work together

Some great work by Griffith University Film School capturing the activity of the Gold Coast DV Integrated Response (DVIR) and how we work together here on the Gold Coast to keep people safe, especially women and children.

Terms of Reference

Purpose of Group

To continually improve victim safety, reduce secondary victimisation and decrease the incidence of domestic violence and abuse through the enhancement and monitoring of inter-agency cooperation and collaboration.

Scope and Function

  • To enhance the safety of victims and their children;
  • To reduce secondary victimisation by the system;
  • To work with service systems to hold perpetrators/offenders of domestic violence and abuse accountable for their behaviour;
  • To provide a multi-agency response to domestic violence and abuse on the Gold Coast;
  • To provide data to the GCDVIR to enhance responses that promote safety and wellbeing; and
  • A commitment to the ongoing development and improvement of integrated responses to abuse and domestic and family violence.

Relationships and linkages

QPS – Triage & DV Task Force

Southport Court Operational Working Group – OWG

GC Domestic Violence Interagency Group – DVIG

Principles that underpin the group

GCDVIR is guided by the following principles:

  • To recognise and acknowledge that each agency has expertise, experience and responsibility in responding to the needs of individuals and families;
  • To recognise and acknowledge that services must be appropriate to the social, linguistic and cultural values of all individuals and families;
  • To develop, implement and maintain an integrated response that focuses on access, equity, inclusiveness, co-operation and mutual respect;
  • To actively embrace professional confidentiality and privacy;
  • To promote an understanding and supportive environment which embraces the principles of self-determination; and
  • To consistently review and evaluate the mechanisms of cooperation between integrated response members.


Information shared at DVIR meetings and through DVIR email communication, including any attachments, are intended for DVIR purposes only and may contain privileged or confidential information. The privilege of confidentiality assigned to DVIR discussions and correspondence is not waived. The only information able to be shared publicly is that distributed by the DVIR Coordinator after receiving full approval from the DVIR members.


Invitation only. Member organisations are identified by the group as critical contributors to deliver an effective Coordinated Community Response to victims of domestic and family abuse and violence {predominantly women and children} who are likely to be or are currently engaged with the criminal justice system. Member organisations have also made a commitment to use the GCDVIR Working Together Agreement to guide their actions and decision making.
Current members include:

  • Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc
  • Queensland Police Service – Gold Coast DV Taskforce
  • Queensland Corrective Services
  • Gold Coast Health District - Specialist DV coordinator
  • Southport Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Magistrate’s Court - Court Coordinator
  • Department of Housing and Public Works, Gold Coast Housing Service Centre
  • Multicultural Families Organisation
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Youth Justice
  • Macleod Accommodation Support Service (MASS) Inc
  • Majella House Women’s Refuge
  • yourTown, Parmenie
  • Services Australia – Centrelink
  • Legal Aid Qld
  • Centacare Family and Relationship Services
  • Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women:
    • Child Safety Services
    • Investment and Partnerships

GCDVIR Awards and Recognition

2010 Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Award – Partnerships

2009 Good Practice Program – Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse

2007 International Peace Star – International Centre for Crime Prevention and Victim Care India

2006 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award – Certificate of Excellence

2006 Queensland Police Service Commissioner’s Award

2005 Domestic Violence Prevention Award

2004 Gold Coast Community Safety Commendation

2002 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award

2000 Gold Coast Community Safety Commendation

1998 Gold Coast Community Safety Award

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