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Gifting and donations

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Gifting at Christmas

This Christmas give a woman who has experienced domestic and family violence the gift of empowerment, autonomy and choice.

For many women, leaving an abusive relationship means financial hardship for them and their children. It makes Christmas a very difficult time for them.

Christmas is also a time when women may feel the impact of financial control and abuse. Financial abuse includes:

  • controlling a partner’s spending;
  • making a partner feel incompetent at managing money;
  • preventing a partner from owning bank cards or cash;
  • threatening to cut off access to the home/finances;
  • questioning bank statements;
  • withholding child support; or
  • making a partner feel anxious about spending money.

Imagine how amazing it would feel for a woman who has experienced financial abuse and control, or is experiencing financial hardship after leaving an abusive relationship, to be able to give her children the gifts she knows they will love.

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