let’s talk: safe relationships, sex and consent

let’s talk: safe relationships, sex and consent

This publication is copyright to Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc. and reprinting or editing is unauthorised without permission.

About this resource

This resource let’s talk: safe relationships sex and consent was developed by the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre (DVPC) Gold Coast. Many people have come to know our book The Purple Book as an invaluable resource for women and it was recognised that young people could also benefit from a resource to help you access information and support in a way that is meaningful for you.

Many young people will encounter new and different types of situations within their relationships, both platonic and intimate – these connections are a normal part of life. It is our hope that this resource will be useful and informative and assist you to talk about developing, maintaining and understanding different relationships. We also hope this resource will provide you with support options if you are in a relationship and experiencing abuse.

This resource was developed from the direct work and experience of counsellors working with young people in the DVPC Children and Young People’s team. This resource was also made in consultation with young people on the Gold Coast including the Headspace Southport Youth Advisory Council.

In this resource you’ll find general information that can be useful for you or in helping a friend, and we encourage you to seek further support from a trusted adult or support service.

Throughout this resource QR codes will link to further information and a list of handy numbers and websites are included at the back too!

We acknowledge the Queensland Government who provided funding for the development and publication of this resource.